Premise Wiring

Premise Wiring

Premise Wiring can be something that is either trouble free, or an endless source of headache.  It all depends on how well your premise wiring is planned, installed, organized, and finished.  Investing in quality wire, connectors, and mounting will insure against future problems and make maintenance much easier. 

If you are building a new office, you want to get us involved in your wiring project as soon as possible, preferably in the initial design phase well before the walls go up.  Most electricians will do exactly what you tell them to do with no concern for design or how well the network system will turn out.  We are designers, implementors, and maintainers who hope to keep you as a satisfied customer on a maintenance plan for a long time supporting your mission critical operations.

We have access to the best available, commercial grade, wire, supplies, panels, and finish to do the job right.  Your customers will notice right away whether or not your wiring was installed professionally.

If the wiring in your office is a product of evolution and looks like a disorganized mess that nobody understands, we can help taim your jumble of wires and bring back a reasonable level of reliability.

Premise Wiring can include: Computer Network, Alarm System, Surveylance System, Telephone, Audio, and Video, Satalite, and Cable.  We do it all.  Not only do we do the wiring, but we also work with your service providers to make sure that their services are brought in and connected to your network.

Ethernet Switches

Check out Tom's Blog Post:  Super fast 10GB/second 10GbE Ethernet Switches

While one end of an Ethernet cable plugs into your computer, printer, laptop, or other network device, the other end likely plugs into a Ethernet switch. Switches vary in speed and in the number of ports or devices that can plug into them. You can also get managed and unmanaged switches.

It is hard to believe that the device that works the hardest and has the most blinking lights is also the least appreciated, at least until it fails. Your Ethernet switch is critical to your network. Wired Ethernet devices simply won't work without it. A little consideration in buying the right switch can go a long way.

A few things to consider when buying a switch:

  • Plan for growth: Buy a switch that has two times the number of ports you actually need now.
  • Have a spare on hand: If a switch fails it can bring your business to a grinding halt until it is replaced. Having a backup switch in the rack and ready to go can make you a hero. You can't simply go to a store and buy a switch. Generally they have to be ordered.
  • Have your switches and routers on UPS power supplies. Switches and routers depend on good clean power so that your data will not be corrupted. Since they do not use much power, you can have several sharing a UPS.
  • Get the fastest switch you can afford. If you get 10GbE, you will grow into it.
  • Managed switches are OK, but not worth the extra money. Network management happens on a good router these days.


We offer and install the following Ethernet Switches:

Open Source Tomato and DD-WRT Routers

We recommend the following Routers as a Good, Better, and Best solution.  The routers listed below are sold with the the Tomato or DD-WRT, Open Source Linux Software installed, configured, and Implemented to meet the needs of your network.

There is a big difference between simply buying a great router at a store to set up yourself, and having someone who knows what they are doing implement a router to take advantage of all its features to meet your needs.  We have many years of experience programming, setting up, and implementing routers.  The routers we sell come with that experience as we intend to install them for you as a solution.

Please read our Blog Article about Intelligent Routers.

Our Solutions Include:

Good:  Netgear WNR3500     Better:  Netgear R7000    Best:  Netgear R8000

Computing Management, Inc.'s Mission

Computing Management, Inc. (CMI) is an Information Technology Consulting Service located near Indianapolis, Indiana, providing outsourced computer system support and consulting services.  CMI services include computer and server installation, implementation, repair, support, and maintenance.  We work on all types of computer equipment, networking, and software running on both Windows Server and Linux servers.  Servers today may exist at your location or in the cloud.  Established in 1983, we have over 30 years of Information Technology experience, installing and supporting systems all around central Indiana.

Our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses manage their computing needs by taking advantage of the best available technology.  We provide reasonably priced consulting services to design, build, implement, repair, and maintain business computer systems.

911 Emergency Service

We understand that downtime is expensive to your business and disruptive to your operation.  Give us a call so that we may get started right away and evaluate what is needed to get you back up and running.  We have the technical skills and experience to think on our feet and decide what resources we can pull together in order to get you operational as quickly as possible.

Business Software Implementation Projects

Implementation of business software, selection of the right product, working through configuration, customization issues, and following up with proper user training, are all key to successful software implementation.  We can help you implement your software product running on either Windows or Linux.  We have the programming experience to handle complex customization, data migration and conversion, to take the best advantage of your business software.

Your computer network is the most used, most relied upon, most critical asset for running your business..... but it is probably the least appreciated.

There are two types of computer networks in business today. Those that were designed and installed well by competent professionals, and those that were not.  Most likely your network falls into the second category because you are looking for help and reading this!  Most networks that we encounter are a product of evolution.  When you first set up a network, it was a simple matter of running some wire around from computer to computer until the lights started blinking.  You either installed your first network yourself, or gave a deserving kid an opportunity to earn some money and gain experience while on summer vacation.  Maybe it was your own kid or relative and nobody wants to criticize their work.  It all seemed simple enough, but then you started adding more computers and eventually a server to share files.  You added Internet and maybe some multi-user software, printers, and other devices.  At some point, you added a wireless router so that your employees could use their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  Somehow it all magically worked,,,, until it didn't!  This was all great until things started slowing down.  Strange error messages started appearing on your screens, and some computers could not get reliably connected.  Data got corrupted and you started having some real problems.  You can see from the variety of types and colors of network cable lying around that different people have come through and expanded or repaired your network, spendng no more than what it takes to get by.   You lost track of what goes where and what is actually being used. Employees come and go and nobody today really knows exactly what you have or understands how it all works, nor do they care. Eventually something breaks and you find out that the company, or individual who installed your network is out of business, or grew up and moved on.  Now you have a mess and you want someone to come in and straighten it all out.  Yes, we have seen it all before.  It is time for a new network, this time professionally installed!

Problems in your computing environment can drag down your entire business.

Your business relies heavily on technology.  Technical problem solving is key to keeping your business running smoothly.  When there is a technical problem with your network hardware, server, or software, it can effect employee morale, as well as productivity and ultimately profitability.  Are your employees complaining about the technology they use?  How many times do you have to stop and think about issues with your network server, software or computer hardware?  Are your computing resources being abused or used for personal entertainment rather than business use?  Have you had to shut your business down, cancel appointments, or change your plans because of technical problems or limitations?  Do you have an employee that you cannot fire or are afraid will quit because they are the only ones with the knowledge to keep your systems running?  These are not the type of problems that some technology whiz kid can solve.  You need a team of trustworthy, experienced business IT Consultants, who can be the problem solver to help make management decisions and implement a solution.  We will be happy to meet with you, privately if necessary, and see what we can do to help solve your technology problems.


Faceplates for all types of connections.

Our suppliers have a wide selection of faceplates to meet your needs.  There is nothing uglier to us than a wire sticking out of a hole in the wall.  We want your wiring to look professionally installed so that it will not detract from the appearance of your overall office decore.

Good: Netgear WNR3500L Tomato Router

Netgear N3500L Router with Tomato Firmware Installed

  Netgear WNRN3500L V2 Tomato Router  (Price:  $200 installed)

Price Includes:  America Only Internet USB Stick

This is our most popular router for home. home/office, and small business.  This feature-rich router stands out amongst other small business routers in terms of raw power.  This capable little router can handle dozens of both wired and wireless users.  This is Version 2 of this highly reliable router that has served our customers well for many years.  We have installed and maintain many of these and it is our standard router of choice.

Features include:   480 MHZ Broadcom Processor, 128 MB Memory, 4-Port 1GHZ Ethernet Switch, and a USB 2.0 Port

Besides the cost of the router, the price includes up to two hours of installation services, which is usually enough to get the job done.  After listening to your networking requirements, we will configure this router and ship it to you.  We can set up and maintain this router remotely.

Wall Mount and Free Standing Equipment Cabinets

Network Rackmount Cabinets

Whether your project is large or small, we have a wide variety of cabinets that will keep your equipment safe and secure.

Every equipment room is different.  We will help pick out the right rack or cabinet to meet our need for a practical solution.

Better: Netgear R7000 "Nighthawk" Tomato Router

Netgear R7000 "Nighthawk" Router with Tomato

Netgear R7000 "Nighthawk" Tomato Router  (Price:  $325 installed)

Price Includes:  America Only Internet USB Stick

This router is a major advancement in the raw power you would expect to find in a router.  Designed to satisfy the most demanding audiance "gamers", this router is equiped to blow everything else away.  Not long ago a router with this level of power would cost many thousands of dollars.  Even though is is primairally designed to satisfy gamers, this router will handle the processing needs of the most demanding business networks with ease.

As you make more and more use of the advanced features of the Tomato Router software, the need for processing power and speed increases.  This is especially true as Internet connections become faster and faster.  The Netgear R7000 router is able to process a constant high of volume data quickly.  The fast processor makes intelligent decisions to keep your network safe.   We know how to put the additional memory and processing power of of the "Nighthawk" to good use.  These advanced features include International Firewall Rules, and being able to work with our Network Monitoring Server to detect and stop threats with our Active Firewall.  This is one of the first routers on the market with a USB 3.0 Port.  USB 3.0 is five times faster than the USB 2.0 port on the Netgear WNR3500.  We make good use of this USB 3.0 port by installing OptWare on a thumb drive to expand number and size of modules that can be used.  Now we have plenty of high speed storage capacity to keep things like lists of thousands of IP address for firewall filtering rules. 

Features include:   Powerful Dual Core 1GZ Processor, 128 MB flash and 256 RAM Memory, 4-Port 1GHZ Ethernet Switch, USB 2.0 Port and USB 3.0 Port, and a really powerful wireless capability!

Besides the cost of the router, our price includes up to two hours of installation services.  After listening to your networking requirements, we will configure this router and ship it to you and continue to work with you until the router is fully implemented.  We can set up and maintain this router remotely.

Patch Panel

Patch Panel

There is no better way to tame a large bundle of network cable than connecting them all to a patch panel.  Every network cable contains eight wires that must be properly connected, on each end.  Even small offices can have dozens of network wires.  The best way to ensure that all your wiring is properly organized and connected is to use patch panels.  Every wire that we punch down gets tested, and re-tested to make sure there are no mistakes or bad connections.  Having your network wire terminated on a rack mounted patch panel will prevent problems and allow for easier maintenance in the future.

Best: Netgear R8000 "Nighthawk" Open Source DD-WRT Router

Netgear R8000 "Nighthawk" Router with Tomato Software

Netgear R8000 "Nighthawk" Router with DD-WRT (Price:  $450 installed)

Price Includes:  America Only Internet USB Stick

This router represents the latest in cutting edge wireless technology.  Building on the power of the R7000 Nightgawk, this router is capable of handling a large number of high speed wireless devices.    Even though is is primairally designed to satisfy Gamers, this router will handle the processing needs of the most demanding business networks.  If you depend heavily on wireless networking, then this is your best choice.  The speed of the wireless can acctually exceed the speed of wired gigabit ethernet connections with the fastest WiFi speed available – up to 3.2Gbps.

As we make more and more use of the advanced features of highly programmable, open source DDW-WRT and Tomato software it is nice to know that the raw processing power we need is available.  Dealing with hackers and other security issues requires all the power we can get to make intelligent decisions, tens of thousands of them for each piece of data, to keep your network safe.  The additional memory and processing power of this of the "Nighthawk" is put to good use.  These advanced features include International Firewall Rules, and being able to work with our Network Monitoring Server to detect and stop threats by sending updates to our customized Active Firewall.

This is one of the first routers on the market with a USB 3.0 Port.  USB 3.0 is five times faster than the USB 2.0 port on the Netgear WNR3500.  We make good use of this USB 3.0 port by installing OptWare on a thumb drive to expand number and size of modules that can be used.  Now we have plenty of high speed storage capacity to keep things like storing lists of thousands of IP address for firewall filtering rules. 

The Tri-Band WiFi feature along with the Three Offload Processers dedicated to controlling wireless connectivity is really what sets this router ahead of the Netgear R7000 Righthawk.  The wireless is so fast, it is actually faster than traditional 1GHZ wired connections.  This is something that turns the world of wired networking upside down and sends equipment makers scrambling to come up with affrodable 10GB Ethernet solutions.  It is truely an advancement in technology.

Features include:   One Dual Core 1GZ Processor and Three Offload Processors, 128 MB flash and 256 RAM Memory, 4-Port 1GHZ Ethernet Switch, USB 2.0 Port and USB 3.0 Port, and Tri-Band WiFi!

Besides the cost of the router, the price includes up to two hours of installation services.  After listening to your networking requirements, we will configure this router and ship it to you.  We can set up and maintain this router remotely.

Note:  Tomato is not yet available for the Netgear R8000 Nighthawk.  We expect that it will be available before long as the Tomato developers work with the new drivers for the advanced wireless features.  Until then, we use a program called DD-WRT which is also Linux based and just as capable as Tomato.

There are times when you need to call in Experienced Technical Problem Solvers

Our extensive experience is our biggest asset.  We take the time to listen to users, analyze customer's needs, and recommend solutions that work.  Whenever we install something, we make sure we do the job right, according to well established industry standards and best practices.  We will only use the best available computer hardware and software that will assure success.  We are used to solving problems that nobody else can.

With experience in the field, implementing and maintaining mission critical computer systems, networking, and servers, we are in a position to recommend solutions that we have used before.  There is "No need to recreate the wheel" every time you need a solution.  We use our experience to your advantage.  While we know what works and what to recommend, we also will keep you from making the mistake of investing in a system that does not meet your needs.

Running Your Business on a Software Package.

Whether it is an accounting system like QuickBooks Enterprise or Mass 90, or a practice management and scheduling program like Patterson Eaglesoft, SoftDent, or Dentech,  a point of sale system with inventory control and cash registers, one thing is for sure......  That software package will run a major part of your business and success or failure depends on how well that software is implemented.  We help you determine the right software package for your company and make sure it is implemented on the right platform (servers, networks, etc.) so that it will perform well for your needs.  Once the software is up and running, we do not consider it fully implemented until a backup and recovery plan is put into practice.

Installing and Implementing Business Computer Systems is What We Do.

We have suppliers we work with for Servers, Computers, Software, and Networking.  We have Electricians who can install network cable properly.  We are used to taking on new technologies and solving unique problems.  We thrive on challenges.  We know what works well and what does not.  You will benefit greatly from our experience and successful track record working with other businesses that have faced similar challenges.

We have experienced many IT Modernizations and know what it takes to bring you up to date.

It is true that upgrading and migrating to a modernized system is much more difficult than building a system for a new business. We look at your goals and help lay plans to purchase the necessary equipment, networking, and software to implement your new system. This is not a time for learning from costly mistakes.  It is wise to trust your major project to a team with Experience over Many Years and Changes in Technology.  You need someone who understands the old technology you are trying to get away from as well as the new technology you are wanting to migrate to.  You need the seasoned experts at Computing-Management, Inc.

We have many years of experience successfully installing networks for small and medium sized business all over Central Indiana.

Typically a network install is the beginning of a long relationship with our customers.  We take the care and time to plan and do the job right.  We do not compromise quality on something that will wind up being so critical to the running of your business.  We stick to well established wiring and installation standards and follow best practices, which will make your network reliable and easy to expand and maintain in the future.  The last thing we want is for a poorly installed network to come back and haunt us.

Your technology problem may not be all that unique.

Chances are other companies we work with have been through a problem similar to yours and we already know the solution.  This is where our experience comes in handy. Many companies face similar problems in growth, changing technology, data recovery, or disaster management.  We have the battle scars that come from solving a lot of problems over many years and we have yet to see a challenge we can not meet.


We keep ourselves up to date on all the latest security patches, varnings, and various bugs that are known problems.  We know how to track down error codes and search for solutions based on other peoples experiences with the same problem.  There is often no need to invent a solution.  By keeping up and reading about problems, vulnerabilities and their solutions, we can often prevent a problem on your system before it ever happens.


We know how to deal with Security Related Emergencies.

Has your system been hacked?  Is your Internet connection under attack?  Are your computers infected with a fast spreading virus?  Has someone taken over your server?  Do you need your system secured after an employee change?  These are all issues that we have dealt with in the past and know how to get under control.  We have the tools and experience necessary to figure out what is going on and find a solution.  We will repair the damages, find the source of the problem, and implement preventions to secure your systems.

We will design and build a reliable network that meets your current and future needs.

When we build a network, we look to the future and design in the capability of expanding your network to double or triple its size.  We build redundancy in all our cable runs so that if a cable fails, or gets damaged, we can quickly work around the problem while it is being fixed.  We will build your network with growth in mind.  We know what works well for our other customers and you will benefit from that knowledge and experience.

The technology we deal with is not just limited to computers and networks.

We understand how to integrate different technoloies so that they work together.  We are versitle enough to work with practically any technology and interface multiple technologies together for an overall solution.

Any kind of technology can be intimidating.  We are also capable and have experience installing medical equipment, phone systems, security systems, cash register point of sale systems, and sometimes become involved in the technical design of customer products.  We can work with your vendors and their technical specifications to make sure their products will interface with your computing environment and make any adjustments necessary.

We are used to reading manuals, working with technical specifications, and applying technology to any type of business application.  Bring us in and let us look at what you are trying to accomplish.  We can help with the research and evaluation of the next piece of equipment you are wanting to buy.  We may know of another customer who is facing the same challenge or using the same technology.

A server is generally a more powerful computer that is designed to run continuously for years. Windows Server is the most common and most expensive.

Recent versions of Windows Server include Windows Server 2008, and the newer Windows Server 2012.  Your major software package may require one of these Windows Server Operating Systems.  Windows Server Operating Systems require licenses from Microsoft, or something they call CAL's (Client Access Licenses). The cost and number of CAL's you need to buy is based on things like the number of users who will be using the server.  Different features within the Windows Server Operating System can be turned on or off, and often require their own CAL's.  Just to illustrate the complexity of Microsoft Licensing, check out the following information from Microsoft Licensing CAL's. If that information does not give you a headache, you can then look at the pricing involved and start shopping!   These are all waters that we have navigated and are familiar with, based on servers we have installed.  We will save you a great deal of time and money by simply showing you what you need to buy and prevent you from making costly mistakes.  The major software application that you need may require that your server runs Microsoft Windows Server.

Once the problem is identified, we can quickly get the resources you need.

We consider all the resources available to us whether it be placing a temporary server, offloading services to our own network, or knowing where to quickly obtain a critical replacement part.   We do whatever it takes to get you operational as quickly as possible.  An example of this is a customer who runs QuickBooks Enterprise on their server that crashed.  In order to buy time to build a new server, we installed their QuickBooks on one of our servers for the customer to access remotely.  Once the new server is up and running, the QuickBooks and Data were transferred to the new or repaired server.

We have loaner Servers, Switches, Routers, Hard Drives, and pretty much anything else to get your system back up and running so your business will not suffer.

We have the skills and tools to find and correct problems on your network.

We have the ability to perform a full analysis of your network and find out what is going on. We can find and correct connection problems due to bad cable, connectors, or electrical interfearance.  We analyze your network traffic to abnormalities, traffic restrictions, or signs of virus activity.  We make sure your network is secure from attackers and hackers and that your corporate and customer data is protected.  We often implement QOS or Quality of Service Policies to make sure that your Internet connection is shared in a way that nobody can hog all the Internet bandwidth.  We monitor your network remotely and are alerted whenever a problem arises.

We are accustomed to dealing with the unknown.

The solutions to many problems are yet to be invented.  You may be on the "bleeding edge" of technology with new equipment or software that still needs some bugs worked out.  We often work directly with companies like Dell, Microsoft, and Intuit in order to bring a problem to their attention and work on a solution as a team.

Your network may not be limited to just one location.

We have experience installing Point to Point networks on Dedicated T-1 Lines or Virtual Private Networks.  We can bridge multiple locations and make them all work together.  We understand how to set up routers and efficiently direct traffic to where it needs to go.  We know how to set up Terminal Services and make your applications accessible over the Internet.  Your network may no longer be Local at all.  We can help you expand beyond your single location.

The other type of server we commonly set up, the one that Microsoft would rather you did not know about, is called a Linux Server.

Linux is based on, or is derived from an older operating system, much older than Microsoft, called Unix.  Unix is still around today and is used for running things like supercomputers in educational environments.  Linux has evolved over the years to the point where it is a highly reliable business server operating system.  It is generally much more efficient than Windows Servers in terms of the size or amount of power the server needs, and does a much better job performing certain functions or services.  The most wonderful thing about Linux Servers is that the Linux Server Operating System, as well as all the Services or Programs we use on Linux Servers are absolutely FREE, as in NO COST.  FREE is a radical concept for those used to dealing with Microsoft Servers!  Sorry but although the cost of the server and its software is free, we do not set them up for free.  We set up Linux Servers to perform the following:

Internet Mail Server  with features like Spam Filtering, Virus Filtering, and WebMail.  You can have an internet domain like YOURDOMAIN.COM and set up an unlimited number of mail accounts or addresses. You may be paying someone to do this now.  Having your own mail server can save you a great deal of money, while also assuring that nobody can snoop, spy, or otherwise have access to the messages on your server.  This is a big issue in the news these days.  The programs we use to set up a Mail Server include Debain Linux, Postfix Mail, SpamAssassin, and CLAM Antivirus.  If you send or receive e-mail with us, our mail is hosted on a Linux Mail Server as described above.

Internet Web Server  You may be paying someone to host your website and  The price of this hosting probably depends on the size of your site and the amount of traffic or data throughput.  The disadvantage to having someone host your domain, especially if they want to do it for free, is that your website may be judged by the company it keeps.  In other words, your legitimate business site may be penalized in the search engines because you are sharing the hosting services on a server that may also be hosting sites of a less desirable nature.  These days, if you want to have a legitimate business website, and have it perform well with search engines like Google, it is best to have your own server.  We can set up a Linux Web Server and help promote your site with Google.  Our Linux Web Server includes Debain Linux, Apache Web Server program, and Clam Antivirus.  The website you are viewing now is running on a Linux Web Server as described above.

Database Server Microsoft has their SQL Server program but Linux has their own Database Server Programs that can perform just as well.  The most common of these programs is called MySQL.  MySQL is now supported by a big database company you might recognize, named Oracle, and is a very capable database program.  We can help you design and program a database, as well as convert and manipulate data.  This may be integrated into your company website for either internal or external use.

File and Print Server  These are basic servers for both Windows and Linux Servers.  The only difference is that Linux can do it a lot cheaper because there is no CAL's  or licensing to  buy.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server  You may have been hearing a lot about CLOUD, or CLOUD Servers lately.  There is a lot of hype and marketing involved here.  If you need a shared and secure area to store files and make them accessable to you, or possibly to your customers to upload and download, the easiest way to do this is with a FTP server. 
This is one of the most basic services of Linux and again, there are no licenses to buy.

There is a long, ever growing, list of other services available for Linux.

Once a server is set up and installed on your network, it must be secured.

Server Security, especially for servers accessible through the Internet must have the proper security to keep them from getting hacked.  We take server security very seriously because we realize just how dangerous the world is.  It is a given fact that there will be attempts to hack into your server every hour of every day.  This is just the nature of the Internet and a properly setup and secure server will be prepared and protected from such attacks.  We utilize firewall security, user and file security, as well as intrusion detection to keep your servers secure.  Servers, and the software they run, must be constantly maintained and updated to protect against the latest security threat.  Server Security is something that should be set up and maintained by competent professionals like us.  We can set up your server and monitor and maintain it remotely keeping an ever watchful eye for problems.

Give us a call so we may meet and discuss your server needs.

We have experience setting up both Windows and Linux servers and maintaining them in production environments.  We have solutions for all the different types of servers commonly used in small and medium sized businesses.  We know what works and have the ability to duplicate our successes and make them work in your computing environment.

Give us a call so we may meet and discuss your needs. We can put together a price quote and estimate the time needed to complete your upgrade..

With big projects, we quote the cost and that will be your cost regardless of the the number of hours involved.  Typically our customers will pay half to get their project started, and then the remainder once the project is complete.  Our quotes are based on actual experience installing systems all around town.  We know what it takes to get the job done and we will not take on a project unless we feel we can do the job right and be proud of what we accomplish.  In the end, we want our customers to be happy and feel that their computing environment is greatly improved.