Our Mission at Computing Management, Inc.

We are a Information Technology Consulting Service located near Indianapolis, Indiana, providing outsourced computer system support and consulting services.  Our services include computer installation, implementation, repair, support, and maintenance on all types of computer equipment, networking, and software.  We work with Windows Server and Linux servers.  Established in 1983, we have over 30 years of Information Technology experience and have installed and support systems all around central Indiana.

Our mission is to help small and medium size businesses manage their computing needs by taking advantage to the best available technology to meet those needs.  We provide reasonably priced consulting services to design, build, implement, repair, and maintain business computer systems.

We Know Business Computing.

For over 30 years, we have been installing, upgrading, and maintaining business computer systems all over Indianapolis and central Indiana.  We enjoy working with small and medium size businesses, helping them grow, and run smoothly.  Our customers include Medical and Dental Practices, Retail Stores, and just about everything else from Accounting to Manufacturing. Installing successful systems and establishing long relationships with our customers by maintaining those systems is what we do best.

We are the Experienced Technical Problem Solvers.

Our extensive experience is our biggest asset.  We take the time to listen to users, analyze customers needs, and recommend solutions that work.  Whenever we install something, we make sure we do the job right, according to well established industry standards and best practices, with the best available computer hardware and software that will assure success.  We are use to solving problems that nobody else can.

With experience in the field, implementing and maintaining mission critical computer systems, networking, and servers, we are in a position to recommend solutions that we have used before.  There is "No need to recreate the wheel" every time you need a solution.  We use our experience to your advantage.  While we know what works and what to recommend, we also will keep you from making the mistake of investing in a system that does not meet your needs.

We can be your Outsourced IT Department.

As a result of downsizing, cost reduction, or employee turnover, you may no longer have anyone around to take care of your computer systems.  Our services cost much less than full time employees.  We pride ourselves in saving our customers much more money than our services cost.  We help you make the right decisions on how to invest your IT Budget wisely in order to keep your computing environment running smoothly.  We help you keep up with the ever changing technology, IT modornization and computing demands while at the same time, recommending practical, cost effective solutions.  Give us a call.  Tell us what you are trying to accomplish.

Give us a call or send us a text. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish.

We want to work with you and understand your computing needs.  With our experience over many years, chances are we can recommend a practical solution.  We look forward to working with you and helping your company take the best advantage of available technology to meet your business computing needs.  Pick up the phone and call or text us at 317-507-5433.

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