The other type of server we commonly set up, the one that Microsoft would rather you did not know about, is called a Linux Server.

Linux is based on, or is derived from an older operating system, much older than Microsoft, called Unix.  Unix is still around today and is used for running things like supercomputers in educational environments.  Linux has evolved over the years to the point where it is a highly reliable business server operating system.  It is generally much more efficient than Windows Servers in terms of the size or amount of power the server needs, and does a much better job performing certain functions or services.  The most wonderful thing about Linux Servers is that the Linux Server Operating System, as well as all the Services or Programs we use on Linux Servers are absolutely FREE, as in NO COST.  FREE is a radical concept for those used to dealing with Microsoft Servers!  Sorry but although the cost of the server and its software is free, we do not set them up for free.  We set up Linux Servers to perform the following:

Internet Mail Server  with features like Spam Filtering, Virus Filtering, and WebMail.  You can have an internet domain like YOURDOMAIN.COM and set up an unlimited number of mail accounts or addresses. You may be paying someone to do this now.  Having your own mail server can save you a great deal of money, while also assuring that nobody can snoop, spy, or otherwise have access to the messages on your server.  This is a big issue in the news these days.  The programs we use to set up a Mail Server include Debain Linux, Postfix Mail, SpamAssassin, and CLAM Antivirus.  If you send or receive e-mail with us, our mail is hosted on a Linux Mail Server as described above.

Internet Web Server  You may be paying someone to host your website and  The price of this hosting probably depends on the size of your site and the amount of traffic or data throughput.  The disadvantage to having someone host your domain, especially if they want to do it for free, is that your website may be judged by the company it keeps.  In other words, your legitimate business site may be penalized in the search engines because you are sharing the hosting services on a server that may also be hosting sites of a less desirable nature.  These days, if you want to have a legitimate business website, and have it perform well with search engines like Google, it is best to have your own server.  We can set up a Linux Web Server and help promote your site with Google.  Our Linux Web Server includes Debain Linux, Apache Web Server program, and Clam Antivirus.  The website you are viewing now is running on a Linux Web Server as described above.

Database Server Microsoft has their SQL Server program but Linux has their own Database Server Programs that can perform just as well.  The most common of these programs is called MySQL.  MySQL is now supported by a big database company you might recognize, named Oracle, and is a very capable database program.  We can help you design and program a database, as well as convert and manipulate data.  This may be integrated into your company website for either internal or external use.

File and Print Server  These are basic servers for both Windows and Linux Servers.  The only difference is that Linux can do it a lot cheaper because there is no CAL's  or licensing to  buy.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server  You may have been hearing a lot about CLOUD, or CLOUD Servers lately.  There is a lot of hype and marketing involved here.  If you need a shared and secure area to store files and make them accessable to you, or possibly to your customers to upload and download, the easiest way to do this is with a FTP server. 
This is one of the most basic services of Linux and again, there are no licenses to buy.

There is a long, ever growing, list of other services available for Linux.